Top tips for finding your first office space

Renting your first office space can be a daunting task, but it could become a turning point and prove to be a thrilling experience for your organisation. Choosing any office space just for the sake of renting can be a huge mistake. Therefore, it is recommended that before finalising any office space, you need to make sure that your office should be such, which not only support your team but also contributes to your business growth.

Before you begin your search for renting an office space, you must consider these top tips from ‘My Workspace -

1. Workspace Location - “Location, location and location?”. This might be the very first question every candidate would ask before coming for an interview. For some businesses, the location may not be the utmost priority, but it should be on the top of the list while choosing an office space. You need to ensure that your office space is situated near bus or metro station so that it becomes easy for your team members to commute daily. It would be best if you had ample hotels or cafes in nearby areas. Take your time and explore as much as office spaces you can.

2. Choose a Perfect Fit - A well aesthetically designed office space would create an impactful image on your employees and clients, but you need to take care that the office space you choose for your team would not be much less or even extra.

If you are looking to upgrade your office space, no doubt, the size would be your priority but you must pay attention to the future of your business too as it might be possible that you will grow and have to accommodate a large team soon. Office space should not be so large that you would never use it and pay for it unnecessarily.

3. Check the Pricing - The most critical question you need to ask yourself is – Whether the price I am paying for the Office space is perfect for me and my business? You should be sure enough that moving forward to acquire more and more office space may not hamper your business growth in other areas.

Before arriving at any decision about workspace, ensure you ask for hidden charges (parking, internet access etc.) as some office providers don’t disclose it in the quoted rent. Make sure that everything is clear and disclosed in the agreement.

4. Company Culture - The culture of your office space sustains employee’s enthusiasm. You want your employees to be happy because happy employees bring more productivity and a cheerful atmosphere within the organization. Make sure that the office you choose must have the necessary space for tea/coffee/lunch breaks as well as for organising various team activities. Positive atmosphere, the fulfilment of essential requirements may lead to increase in productivity and create a long-lasting impression on clients visiting your workplace.

5. Investigate Accessibility – Make sure that your employees are provided with all the essential requirements, but there are other factors also which you need to keep in your mind before arriving at a decision. Sufficient parking space is an essential aspect which you need to take care while choosing a workspace. There should not be any parking problem for employees, clients visiting your workspace unless it could hamper your goodwill and create a bad impression of your organisation. You can also provide a wheelchair facility for disabled persons visiting your workspace as an employee or a client.

Renting a workspace is always a critical decision for any business as you need to consider various things before deciding on choosing a workspace. Any wrong decision made can impact your business, and then it may be difficult for you to retain your employees and clients, which ultimately leads to a decline in productivity.

If you want an ideal workspace within your budget along with excellent features, then we are here to help you with the perfect workspaces.

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