Top Things to Check For When You Do a Property Viewing

When it comes to finding the best office space, what and where you choose to set up your office is the first thing you need to plan and execute. Each business has its customized needs and hence demands unique office space. Decide, if you are planning to expand in the future, will this space be enough? How many employee/staff does your company have? The right area and location can make a big difference to any business.

Here's a useful article to understand the important aspects you need to consider while viewing a property for your start-up or small-medium business.

Location: The ideal location is the first step you might think of. The ideal office space for any business ticks these primary concerns - Can my employees and clients get to the office location quickly? Is the area accessible via a different mode of transport? Does the place have good infrastructure and cafes nearby? Does the place have growth potential? All the things mentioned above are necessary to keep your clients and employees happy!

Transport and Parking: Ease to reach office through public transportation or by foot plays a vital role in choosing a business location. It not only impacts your business but also affect your work-life, employees as well as customers. One more factor to consider: Does your office location provide or have a vast parking space for employees, clients and staff members? If yes, then is it affordable and safe for everyone? Parking within the office space would be a great benefit for all as expenses would be manageable.

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Neighbourhood: Check for the nearby areas of the office location. There are many questions arise in the mind when you think about your near-by areas: Is it safe? Does the place fit for your brand image? How about shops, restaurants or a decent pub?, etc.

Damp areas - Identity the damp spaces by mouldy smells, watermarked walls, peeling wallpaper, dark patches and discolouration. It is caused due to moist air condensing on the walls, leading to fungal decay, woodworm and even serious health issues. Thus, you might be very cautious while choosing property as it’s not easy to get rid of such problems.

Room size: Make sure you check every corner of the room and its size correctly. Sometimes, the office provider tries to fit smaller furniture in the room to make it look bigger. Check the size of the room and even estimate it by taking a tape measure to see if you can fit your existing furniture to save on your budget.

Check for the windows: Always look for the window's quality because people usually replace it with cheaper or lower-quality windows. You can check this by running your finger down the wooden window frame if you find the edges to be cracked or rotten, indicates that the office space isn't kept well. Please make sure the window does not condense as it could demonstrate poor insulation.

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Soundproof wall: Check how well soundproofed is the building? If the proximity of the railway or road is close, then check for the noises. if ignored, it may hamper the productivity of your employees.

Electrical and plumbing: Electrical issues can be hard to detect with the naked eyes. Check if the wiring is insulated correctly in the electrical box—flicker all the light switches and plug sockets to check if everything is working fine. Ask when was the last time, the wiring was replaced and checked? One small ignorance can be dangerous and could cost a lot to restore and change electric circuits. Test the pipes using a water kit, and it's the best way to check how much lead is in your water.

If you think that property suits your expectations, arrange visits at different times in a day and notice other things you missed on your first visit to the property.