Simple Ideas for Office Christmas Decor

The festive season with Christmas is around the corner, and it's the celebration time for all your staff members who have followed some strict deadlines and contributed through immense hard work whole the year. We understand, your schedule might be tight focusing on your business growth and must not have a spare time to plan a theme/concept for the Christmas party.

In this article, we shall help you to make your planning easier and cost-effective. Check out some simple ideas for office Christmas decoration that can add fun and festive mood to the workplace.

1. Fairy-tale gingerbread house – Get rid of your boring cubicles, make it enjoyable by creating a fairy-tale gingerbread house and surprise your colleagues, it will indeed require time and efforts, but it will be worth it as everyone would put equal efforts, and the whole team will surely enjoy the process. Just a few cardboards, red coloured paper, artificial snow, a few hours of crafting along with some fun will create a Christmas magic and distribute happiness in the workspace. If you don’t have enough time for crafting, all you can do is, get the design printed on PVC and stick the design on the cubicles in a minute.

2. Artificial Christmas tree – Whatever business you are into, you can incorporate your work culture into the Christmas theme and make it innovative and trending. Go creative, if you are into a book publishing business, you can shack up books into a tall Christmas tree shape and add some lightings to it. If you are into a tech company that builds the latest video games, you can hang computer circuit boards on the walls. If you are an automobile company that produces a car, you can shack up the tiny car toys into a Christmas tree shape.

3. Put Santa hats on pictures of your co-workers – The Christmas is imperfect without the Santa hat. During Christmas, people usually put Santa hat on the head and celebrate it in the usual way. What if you try it funnily and creatively? Rather than putting the Santa hat on the head, you can set them on the colleague’s pictures and hang it above each desk. Choose PVC or any sturdy material to make your decor look best this Christmas.

4. Festive sign with holiday greetings – Tall Christmas trees or wreaths aren’t the only ways to adorn your desk. You can go simple by just getting a festive sign with holiday greetings on it, place it on your desk and feel the difference; you will be super accomplished. Your material can vary from wood, acrylic to faux stained glass and honestly, you might not even want to take it down even when the Christmas season ends!

5. Add fancy strings – Everyone loves to add a little sparkle to their cubicle or desk. Fixing some fancy strings on the desk can add a touch of whimsy to your boring desk that gets everyone a feeling of happy nostalgic. Choose mild colour lights which won’t give trouble to your eyes and create a peaceful environment.

6. Promote your brand image through Christmas décor – Here’s a unique idea to showcase your brand’s logo or company name by Christmas ornament. People love to see something unusual, and it’s the best way to customise your brand image in this festive season of Christmas by displaying it on the office door.

7. Use LED light cords - Christmas lights lining can add some holiday cheer to your office window and is a great way to bring in some Christmas spirit. There are so many ways you can add stylish lightings to your office window, from mild white to red or green colour considering the festive theme. Create a beautiful design of lighting around your window and show off bright and alluring window display for Christmas.

8. Hang a Christmas tree on the wall using employee’s pictures – Who doesn’t like to feel special, everyone, right? Here’s a great way to remind every employee that they are special and equally important to the company’s achievements. This Christmas, create a Christmas tree using your employee’s pictures and make it a memorable one.

Hope you must have liked our simple, economic and straight-forward ideas for Christmas décor. Ideas are easy and inexpensive, but it can create a significant impact around the workspace. These ideas will definitely give a few extra smiles among the colleagues, which often lead to an increase in productivity.

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