How to find the best commercial property for rent near you?

The United Kingdom is all about the architecture, big buildings, street art, and beautiful cityscapes. Getting an office space on rent is one such troublesome task, as your choices may range from most expensive to the most affordable one. Even if you have years of experience in commercial property, finding the right office space for rent is not so easy. Whether you are a large or small growing business, we are here to help you out with the tips to find the best commercial property for rent near you.

1. Research the right commercial property - Choosing a rental office space can be significantly different as you may want to rent it out on a short or a long-term basis. It is essential to think about your business growth in the future and if you are planning to expand your business, then renting an office space is a good option.

Location is one of the most important aspects to look out for when selecting our office space. There are several factors which you need to consider while choosing a location- Are the office building and nearby area safe for the employees? Is public transport close to the office space? Are there any good cafes, malls, theatres nearby which will make it convenient for the employees to keep their personal interests as well? Is there a huge parking space for vehicles? Best amenities and facilities for staff? Is the office space fully furnished? Do they provide high-speed internet?

Make sure you check the overall condition of the office space that you are renting, some corners you may find cracks, damp or the plumbing issues that you may have to question the property owner.

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2. Consult with the professional expert/surveyor - If you are planning to rent a bigger space for a long lease, make sure you consult a professional surveyor before taking the major decision of buying or leasing it. Professional surveyor or an expert not only help you identify the structural issues that a property may have but also alert you regarding the serious issues so that you may fix it before renting the commercial space. Talk to the property owner to see if they can fix the issue and if not, then probably the office space isn’t the best decision to consider for renting.

3. Communicate with everyone before committing–Renting an office space would be an essential decision for everyone, including employees as well as clients. Make sure to include your business partner in this inherently important decision of viewing the commercial space. By doing this, you will feel confident in your choice and could not end up regretting. If necessary, involve your employees too in the decision making process as they are the one who would be commuting to the office regularly and their feedback would matter a lot. Also, they could come up with the best solution which you never thought of while selecting the best commercial property for your company.

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