How Much Rental Office Space Does An Employee Need?

The moment you decide to rent a new office space, your primary consideration should be the size. The furniture, interior arrangements, configuration, desks, and so on are all irrelevant before determining the area you and your team need. A property agent will often ask you your requirement in terms of square feet, which he will use to measure which properties on the market are eligible to consider. He might also ask you the number of rooms requires for the various teams or departments.

A short note on COVID-19:

Employees have begun to get back to offices in a 20-30% ratio, and companies are reconsidering how much office space they would require post-pandemic. During the pandemic, some companies have gained tremendous success while working remotely and the question that arises to them do they need a full-time office space in the future.

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What is the average amount of office space used per employee?

According to the London rule, an ideal amount of space required per employee should be 100 sq.ft., which is 50 sq.ft. is allocated for desk space and another 50 sq.ft. for breakout spaces, meeting rooms, etc. Many companies in Central London opt for a cost-efficient ratio of 70-80 sq.ft. per person. Office space rents may vary slightly on a higher side. Still, this ratio allows you to utilise more space-saving solutions like replacing your desk with a bench or minimising your storage facility. The outskirts of London usually have lower rental office spaces, and that's the bang for your buck, so you can have more freedom to make use of more space.

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The common office size recommendations for spaces such as the kitchen, boardroom, and conference room.

As we know that the ideal office space on rent per employee is 100 sq.ft., we also need to consider the other basic facilities like meeting room, kitchen, reception area, restroom, manager office, etc.

Every office requires some shared space. Here are some general guidelines to roughly how much area required for these extra facilities:

  • Small meeting room (2-4 people) - 100 sq.ft.
  • Large meeting room (4-8 people) - 150 sq.ft.
  • Board room (15-20 people) - 220 sq.ft.
  • Meeting/conference room (20-30 person) - 300 sq.ft.
  • Kitchenette - 100 sq.ft.
  • Small server room (1 server rack) - 40 sq.ft.
  • Large server room (4 server racks) - 120 sq.ft.
  • Manager’s office - 100 sq.ft.
  • Senior manager's office (with a small meeting table) - 200 sq.ft.
  • Director’s office (with four-person meeting table) - 250 sq.ft.
  • Reception area: 75 sq.ft. per person

Nevertheless, your standard rental office space requirements and choices depend on your business style. Some private office spaces probably won't require a dedicated meeting room so that this space can be utilised or customise for some other facility. You can also replace the reception area by implementing a tool like an iPad to keep track of your visitor management. My Workspace offers brilliant service for commercial property rent in Harrow.

Workrooms in rental office space should have sufficient open area to enable people to switch between workstations and inside the building quickly. The number of people who may operate in a given room at any given time is determined not just by the room's size but also by the amount of area taken up by furniture, fittings, appliances, and the room's configuration. Small office space, as well as huge and spacious serviced office space, can be determined according to the employee’s requirement.

Before renting office space in Harrow don't forget to read your leasing agreement carefully before signing it, as you will be lock into this rental office space for months or a year. Verify with your commercial property agent that how much rental space costs per square foot. It could help you determine your needs and make sure the space is cost-effective and suits your business overall.

For any other assistance for renting office space, coworking space, commercial property rent in Harrow please contact our expert.

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